The geographical location of Latvia on the coast of the Baltic Sea with ice-free harbours, developed motorway and railway infrastructure, as well as the largest airport in the Baltic States ensure a strategic location for companies with target markets in the European Union and Eastern countries. The high-quality business environment fosters the development of already existing enterprises and establishment of new enterprises.

Discover Latvia and Rēzekne!

  • Latvia and Rēzekne — a gateway between the West and the East, between Europe and CIS countries!
  • Efficient start-up procedure— registration of a company is possible within one day!
  • World-class ICT infrastructure — in TOP 10 in the world and 4th position in the European Union in terms of Internet connection speed!
  • One of the fastest growing economies in the European Union — GDP growth reached 2.7% in 2015!
  • Positive foreign direct investment (FDI) trends — in 2014, Latvia has attracted by 24% more investment projects than in 2013. 50% of all FDI projects in the regions of Latvia were implemented in Rēzekne!
  • Equal treatment — equal rights and duties for foreign and domestic investors are prescribed by law, as well as a possibility for foreign enterprises to purchase land and real estate, also within the territory of RSEZ!
  • Overall 764.15 million euros have been allocated for EU fund activities in 2014-2020 for facilitation of entrepreneurship and energy efficiency, including more than 35 million euros for the development of industrial territories and enhancement of entrepreneurship in Rēzekne!











The City of Rēzekne is the economic, historical, cultural and education centre in Latgale Region. It is the seventh largest city in Latvia and the largest border town of the European Union in the East. Production potential, advantages of the Eastern frontier area of the European Union, human resources, stable collaboration traditions with the neighbouring countries, as well as rich cultural and historical heritage merge successfully in the region full of industrial traditions.

By using the provided opportunities, financial resources and effort are invested in the development of infrastructure, economy, tourism, as well as culture to make Rēzekne a modern and economically competitive city in the Eastern Latvia.

Rēzekne is proud of the first high-quality acoustic concert hall in Latvia — the Embassy of Latgale GORS, which is a great place for concerts, theatre shows and other entertainment and business events. Meanwhile the Eastern Latvia's Centre of Creative Services "Zeimuļs" (Caran d'Ache) is a modern residence for developing the creative talents and craft skills of children and youth.

Find out more here: www.rezekne.lv/en, http://latgale.travel/en

Rēzekne Municipality

Rēzekne Municipality is the largest self-government in Latvia and it unites 25 parishes with picturesque, bright and diverse environment, ancient crafts, rural farm traditions and contemporary entrepreneurship. Two largest lakes in Latvia are situated there — Lake Lubāns with one of the most interesting birdwatching sites in Latvia in the territory of Lake Lubāns wetland, and the most water-generous lake — Lake Rāzna — along the bank of which stands the legend-encircled Mount Makoņkalns and Mount Lielais Liepu kalns, which is the third highest peak in Latvia.

Rēzekne Municipality is proud of the renovated romantic Art Nouveau pearl — Lūznava Manor, which is gradually becoming a significant centre of arts and culture also on international scale. Talented and hospitable people are the true value of the municipality. There are also several potteries where skilful craftsmen create impressive ceramic masterpieces from clay.

Entrepreneurship in Rēzekne Municipality is mainly linked with the production of agricultural products. Many businesses have merged together and formed cooperatives so that their products would become more competitive on the market, whereas others are using the advantages provided by RSEZ for business development. Newcomers in the field of business and small enterprises have access to the financial support provided by Rēzekne Municipality.

Find out more here: rezeknesnovads.lv/en