In 2019, in the survey conducted by the "fDi Magazine", edition of the popular British newspaper "Financial Times", Rēzekne Special Economic Zone has been commended in three categories "Expansions”, "Talent Pool”, "Incentives”

Our advantagesSix reasons why to choose RSEZ


Significant crossroads of transport corridors in Latvia with direct access to international markets with more than 500 million consumers.

Tax incentives

Significant tax incentives and support to RSEZ enterprises.

Proficient administration

Efficient, client and results-oriented RSEZ administration, as well as consultation services to enterprises that perform or plan to perform commercial activity within the territory of RSEZ.


State and municipality support in the implementation of investment projects, consultations on selection of real estate appropriate for entrepreneurship.

Attractive environment

High-quality, contemporary and attractive environment for work and recreation in Rēzekne and Rēzekne Municipality.

Skilled labour force

Responsible and professional labour force in a region with long-standing industrial traditions and access to high-quality higher and vocational education.

Informative material

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Providing information

RSEZ Authority provides information on the environment of commercial activity and its most essential aspects in Latvia and RSEZ — description of economic situation, tax policy, legislation environment, and other aspects of business environment.


RSEZ Authority provides consultations on starting commercial activity — registration of commercial activity, taxes, duties, costs, obtaining status of RSEZ enterprise, and possibilities of receiving tax incentives in RSEZ.

Support for implementation
of investment projects

RSEZ Authority provides consultative support in finding of appropriate immovable property according to the needs of investors; consultations on support programmes; assistance in cooperation with state and municipal institutions.

Organising thematic events

RSEZ Authority hosts seminars, conferences, presentations for specific target audiences and visits to RSEZ territory for entrepreneurs interested in performing commercial activity within the territory of RSEZ.

Human resources

Skilful and motivated labour force

Responsible, competent and motivated labour force is one of the key factors that makes RSEZ an attractive place for business development. The population of Rēzekne and the surrounding area reaches 120 thousand. The number of job-seekers in Rēzekne is around 2300 people at the economically active age. In Rēzekne and its region there are many higher education institutions and vocational school graduates in fields of engineering sciences, economics and other spheres. These people could be the potential professional employees at various enterprises. More than 85% of the inhabitants know Russian and around 70% of the inhabitants at the age up to 40 years have a good command of English.

Higher education

Availability of an educated labour force at RSEZ is ensured by Rēzekne Academy of Technologies, the State Border Guard College and branches of five other higher education institutions of Latvia in Rēzekne. Rēzekne Academy of Technologies implements 44 various study programmes. More than 1800 students are involved in full time and part time academic and professional BA and MA, doctoral, first level and second level professional education study programmes.

Vocational education

Rēzekne Technical School as a competence centre for vocational education ensures the acquisition of a profession to more than 800 students in 18 curricula: wooden article manufacturing, motor transport, construction works, marketing, food product technology, catering services, IT systems, programming, energy industry and electrical engineering, administrative and secretary services, interior design, hotel services.

Support for labour force training

In order to improve the skills of labour force, employers have access to support programmes for the training of the current and potential labour force in lifelong learning, youth guarantee and other programmes co-financed by the state and the European Union.


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