The Project of brownfields revitalization has been started

December 09, 2018

In early June, at a General meeting of representatives of seven municipalities and organizations of Latvia and Lithuania, the project "Revitalization of brownfields" or "TRANS-FORM" (LLI-386) was launched, which, within the framework of the Latvia-Lithuania cooperation program Interreg V-A for 2014-2020, will be implemented until April 2020.

The aim of the project is to restore the brownfields which are owned by the municipalities and located in Rezekne and Krāslava regions, as well as in the cities of Daugavpils, Rēzekne, Panevezys and Visaginas, and to transform them into attractive, competitive territories with the potential for long-term development. Total 5.53 hectares of land will be cleaned and rehabilitated in four partner sites in Lūznava (Rēzekne Municipality), in Daugavpils Fortress, Krāslava and in Skaistkalnis Park, Panevezys (Lithuania).

A significant part of the project is also the cooperation, experience gaining and  exchange, so the specialists of the municipalities involved in the project from Lithuania and Latvia (territory planners, Construction managers and heads of local governments) will take part in theoretical and practical classes, as well as study tours of experience exchange on the project territories in Latvia and Lithuania and in other places in Europe (Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands) and together with experts will develop four development concepts and action plans for the revitalization of pilot projects.  As a result of the project, a methodological guide for the territory development planners will be worked out.

In the framework of the project "TRANS-FORM" joint municipal institution "Rezekne Special Economic Zone Authority" will formulate the development concept for the land plot on Komunāla street, taking into account the possible uses of the site and its functionality to promote enterprise development.

The total amount of funding allocated by the European regional development Fund is 442 296,58 euros. In turn, the total cost of the project is 520 348, 94 euros. The amount of funding under the project for the Rezekne municipality is 44 704,00 euros, of which equity financing of the European regional development Fund 37 998,40, and equity financing of the state budget in the Rezekne SEZ is, respectively, 3 788,02 and 6705,60 euros.

This publication has been prepared with financial support from the European Union. The content of the publication is entirely the responsibility of the joint municipal institution "Rēzekne SEZ Authority, and does not constitute an official position of the European Union.

INTERREG V-A Latvia-Lithuania Programme project LLI-386 „TRANS-FORM”

The project is implemented within the framework of Interreg Latvia - Lithuania Program.

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