The participants of "Trans-form" (LLI- 386) Project examines the experience of Prague

December 10, 2018

At the end of October, the first study visit of the partners took place, within the framework of the Trans-form project (LLI- 386). It all started with a walk tour through the two degraded areas of Prague. Accompanied by the Master of Natural Sciences at Charles University in Prague - Jan Sýkora, seven suburbs of Prague - Hološovice and Karlina, were explored, previously there had been industrial and military territories, and in 2002 were severely affected by floods, which led to the destruction of buildings, streets and other infrastructure.

Today, Hološovice and Karlina have modern multi-story residential buildings, new office buildings, restored streets, parks and green areas. Many restored buildings received architectural awards. According to J.Sýkora, the plans of the city of Prague are to continue the development of both regions, making them more attractive for business activities, developing housing fund, reconstructing the railway line in Hološovice.

The next day of the trip was the opportunity to visit the Institute for Planning and Development of Prague (IPR Prague), this is a conceptual center created with the support of the Prague City Council, which coordinates issues of city architecture, planning, development, creation of new and management. The Institute mainly develops and coordinates various urban planning documents, including 28 development plans, one of which is a development plan for degraded areas, including a vision for the development of three neighborhoods of Prague - a total of 4,600hectars of degraded, transformable and developing areas.

Later, the project experts visited the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP), the main purpose is the exhibition hall and the main source of public information as well as discussion place for everyone who is interested in the development of Prague. The unique large-screen projection and interactive devices made the tremendous impression upon the visitors, with the help of which any person in the center can plan various urban elements, using causal principle, plan any change of the city, just in case the number of tourists or cars is increased.

At the conclusion of the third day of the trip, the group of the Trans-form project together with the Prague urban planners went to the former production and industrial zone of Walter Motors. Earlier, parts and engines of aircraft were manufactured here, and now the serious construction project Waltrovka is being carried out here. Over 650 apartments in 5th and 7th floor houses, 50 row houses, office buildings, shops and a huge park of 2 hectares were built on the neglected territory of 17 hectares.

Summing up the study trip to Prague, the main goal of the city is to build new houses, office buildings, landscaping in the neglected territories, contributing to population and economic activity not far from the city center.

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