RSEZ news


Rēzekne SEZ receives bespoke awards in two categories in “fDi Magzine” survey

October 20, 2017

Rēzekne SEZ has received two bespoke awards in the survey “Global Free Zones of the Year 2017” conducted by “fDi Magazine” of British newspaper “Financial Times”. Bespoke awards had been granted to Rezekne SEZ in categories “Expansions” and “Infrastructure upgrades”.


RSEZ SIA “IRBIS Technology” – future solutions for automatization of technological processes

October 16, 2017

RSEZ SIA “IRBIS Technology” is specialized in development and production of power distribution equipment and complex systems for automatization of production processes. In 2017 enterprise has become the laurate of the “Rēzekne SEZ Enterprise of the Year 2016”competition, receiving the 1st place in the group of small enterprises.


State supports business – entrepreneurs have access to support in amount of 400 million euros

October 09, 2017

On October 4 Rēzekne SEZ Authority participated in forum “State Support Business” organized by Ministry of Economics, Development Finance Institution “ALTUM” (ALTUM) and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) to introduce entrepreneurs to support of special economic zone.


RSEZ SIA “Alfa Lithium” receives the status of Rēzekne SEZ enterprise

October 09, 2017

On September 29, 2017 the Supervisory board of Rēzekne SEZ Authority took a decision to grant the status of Rēzekne SEZ enterprise to wholesaler of metals and metallic ore RSEZ SIA “Alfa Lithium”.


Rēzekne SEZ becomes the member of World Free Zones Organization

September 27, 2017

Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has become the member of World Free Zones Organization, joining free and special economic zones, industrial parks and free ports from 75 countries.


Business discussions – international, national and regional view on the development of Rēzekne SEZ

September 18, 2017

In scope of the event “Rēzekne SEZ – with a View to the Future” on September 8th Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Authority organized business discussions to debate on future development perspectives of the zone. Participants of the event were entrepreneurs, representatives of state and municipal institutions as well as local and foreign cooperation partners of Rēzekne SEZ.


Rēzekne SEZ celebrates 20th anniversary and grants awards to the most successful enterprises

September 10, 2017

On September 7th and 8th, 2017 event in honour of 20th anniversary of Rēzekne SEZ “Rēzekne SEZ – with a view to the future” took place. In its scope a solemn event, in which awards of “Enterprise of the Year” were granted to seven most successful Rēzekne SEZ enterprises of 2016, as well as business discussion on future development perspectives of Rēzekne SEZ were organized.


Rēzeknes SEZ invites to participate in business discussions

August 28, 2017

Business discussion will take place on September 8th, in scope of event “Rēzekne SEZ – with a view to the future” in honour of the 20th anniversary of Rēzekne SEZ. Representatives of World Free Zones Organization, Regional Policy department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Development Finance Institution “ALTUM”, Rēzekne Municipality Council, Rēzekne Municipality Council and Rēzekne SEZ Authority will participate in the discussion.


Training programs for Rēzekne SEZ enterprises

August 11, 2017

Considering the growing interest of entrepreneurs, Rēzekne SEZ Authority continues to implement training programs for employees of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises within the scope of Rēzekne SEZ Business Support Fund project “Implementation of support and training programs for promotion on competitiveness of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises on international level”.


Supervisory Board of Rēzekne SEZ Authority elected

August 08, 2017

On June 30, 2017 the new Supervisory Board of Rēzekne SEZ had started its work in composition of four members delegated by Rēzekne City Council and Rēzekne Municipality Council that will ensure and supervise the work of Joint Municipal Institution “Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Authority” for the period of next four years.