RSEZ news


Rēzeknes SEZ enterprises have significantly increased their turnover in 2016

May 23, 2017

Rēzekne SEZ enterprises in 2016 have increased their turnover by 20.5%, reaching 85 million euro, which is the highest turnover since the establishment of Rēzekne SEZ. More than 75% of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises had concluded 2016 with profit and altogether Rēzekne SEZ enterprises had employed 845 employees.


Latgale Centenary Congress takes place

May 22, 2017

Commemorating the hundredth anniversary of historically significant Latgale Congress of 1917, on May 5 and 6 Latgale Centenary Congress and 4th World Gathering of Latgalians took place in Rēzekne. Representatives of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises and Rēzekne SEZ Authority also participated in the Congress, discussing the economic growth and development of entrepreneurship in Latgale region.


“Energy Resources CHP” RSEZ SIA – one of the largest tax payers of Latgale region in 2016

April 10, 2017

On March 20, 2017 in Award Ceremony of the Largest Tax payers organized by State Revenue Service of Latvia Rēzekne SEZ enterprise “Energy Resources CHP” RSEZ SIA and its Chairman of the Board Roman Vdovychenko received the award as the largest tax payer of 2016 in Latgale planning region in group of small tax payers.


Training program for increasing the competitiveness of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises organized

April 06, 2017

While implementing Rēzekne SEZ Entrepreneurship Support Fund project “RSEZ business start-up and support program for increasing the competitiveness on international level”, on March 22nd and 24th Rēzekne SEZ Authority organized a seminar for Rēzekne SEZ enterprises “Promotion of enterprises in the market by the use of instruments of marketing and selling”.


Awards granted to the winners of the competition “Entrepreneur of Rēzekne Municipality 2016”

March 27, 2017

On March 19 in the Embassy of Latgale “GORS” Rēzekne Municipality Council granted awards to the winners of the competition “Entrepreneur of Rēzekne Municipality 2017”, which alongside other enterprises were granted to Rēzekne SEZ enterprises RSEZ SIA “IRBIS Technology” and “VEREMS” RSEZ SIA.


Rēzekne SEZ enhances cooperation with World Free Zones Organization

March 27, 2017

Upon invitation of World Free Zones Organization, on March 15 – 17 representatives of Rēzekne SEZ Authority participated in the conference “Free Zones and Industrial Parks of the Future” in Belgrade (Serbia) with a presentation “Rēzekne SEZ – advantages and investment perspectives”, popularizing business environment in Rēzekne and in Latvia.


Columns and masts produced in RSEZ SIA “LATSTAB” – all over the world

March 15, 2017

Company RSEZ SIA “LATSTAB” works with the status of Rēzekne SEZ enterprise since 2016 and produces a wide range of steel articles for various spheres related to civil engineering, including, road construction, construction, telecommunication and railroad industries. Currently enterprise steadily continues to grow, increasing its turnover and number of employees as well as export geography.


Rēzekne SEZ participates in ALTUM Fair of Business Starters

February 13, 2017

Encouraging new entrepreneurs to start their business and use the available state support, on February 9th the representatives of Rēzekne SEZ participated in Fair of Business Starters organized by ALTUM, which took place in Centre of Creative Services of Eastern Latvia “Zeimuļs”. The aim of the event was to inform new entrepreneurs on the support available – consultations, services and financial assistance.


Delegation of Latvian School of Public Administration had a meeting with Rēzekne SEZ Authority

February 06, 2017

Acquiring the experience of Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Authority in administration of state aid, on January 26th delegation of Latvian School of Public Administration visited Rēzekne SEZ. In scope of the visit representatives of the delegation were introduced to the basic principles of functioning of special economic zones and freeports in, as well as to the work of Rēzekne SEZ Authority and its achievements in the previous years.


LIAA Rēzekne Business Incubator – New Cooperation Partner of Rēzekne SEZ

January 23, 2017

In festive event on January 13th LIAA Rēzekne Business Incubator was opened, where hereafter entrepreneurs and authors of business ideas will be able to receive support for starting their business. Rēzekne Business Incubator will also become cooperation partner of Rēzekne SEZ, as both organizations are providing support for the development of entrepreneurship in Rēzekne and Rēzekne Municipality.