RSEZ news


Rēzekne Special Economic Zone enterprises launched four new investment projects in 2018

June 10, 2019
Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ) enterprises launched 4 new investment projects in 2018. It is planned to invest 51.3 million euro and create 73 new work places within the framework of the projects. Moreover Rēzekne SEZ enterprises invested 9.4 million euro in infrastructure and modern technologies and created 48 new work places in 2018.

Lithuanian municipalities acquire experience in brownfield revitalization in Rēzekne

April 01, 2019

On March 21, representatives of Panevėžys and Visaginas municipalities of Lithuania visited Rēzekne within the project LLI-386 “Trans-Form” to acquire experience of Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in brownfield revitalization.


Saeima Sustainable Development Commission discusses about Rēzekne SEZ and Latgale SEZ

March 01, 2019

On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, a meeting of the Saeima Sustainable Development Commission took place in Riga. One of the objectives was to study how the status of Latgale Special Economic Zone (Latgale SEZ) and Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (Rēzekne SEZ) has influenced the development of Latgale's economic activity.


Rezekne SEZ enterprises successfully completed 2018

January 18, 2019

In 2018, the turnover of Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ) enterprises exceeded EUR 100 million, according to provisional data of performance indicators. Other performance indicators of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises have also significantly improved.


Lease right auction at attractive price offers a new production building on the territory of Rezekne SEZ

December 06, 2018

An investment object production complex, Viļakas street 1, is offered within the successful implementation of infrastructure development projects in Rezekne city, located at the territory of the Rezekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ).


Rēzekne SEZ entrepreneur - Honorary Citizen of Rēzekne!

November 20, 2018

November 18, 2018, Arvīds Zelčs, manager of "Rēzeknes dzirnavnieks" Rēzekne Special Economic Zone JSC, long-term member of Rēzekne SEZ Entrepreneurship Commission, has received the award "Rēzekne Honorary Citizen" for his special merit in favor of Rēzekne.


The participants of "Trans-form" (LLI- 386) Project examines the experience of Prague

November 15, 2018

At the end of October, the first study visit of the partners took place, within the framework of the Trans-form project (LLI- 386). It all started with a walk tour through the two degraded areas of Prague. Accompanied by the Master of Natural Sciences at Charles University in Prague - Jan Sýkora, seven suburbs of Prague - Hološovice and Karlina, were explored, previously there had been industrial and military territories, and in 2002 were severely affected by floods, which led to the destruction of buildings, streets and other infrastructure.


Support for investments in the Rēzekne Special Economic Zone

October 08, 2018

One of the main development goals of the Rēzekne Special Economic Zone authority is to ensure attraction of investments and creation of new jobs in Rēzekne and Rēzekne Municipality, therefore large infrastructure projects are being implemented for business development, as well as investors are invited to form their companies in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ. Potential investors now have a plot of land for development at Komunāla street, Rēzekne (total area 8.63 ha) with access to the road and engineering communications.


Rēzeknes SEZ Enterprise of the Year Award goes to VEREMS and Rēzeknes Dzirnavnieks

August 28, 2018
On August 24, 2018, for the seventh year Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (Rēzekne SEZ), after evaluating the indicators of 2017, presented “The Enterprise of the Year” awards. Two Rēzekne SEZ companies were chosen: in the group of large companies –“VEREMS” RSEZ SIA – and in the group of small companies – “Rēzeknes Dzirnavnieks” RSEZ AS. In addition, several companies were presented with Acknowledgments for the contribution to the development of Rēzekne SEZ.

Rēzekne SEZ Investment Object Territories Are Available to Potential Investors

May 29, 2018
Implementation of the Rēzekne City Council and Rēzekne Municipality Council infrastructure development projects makes available investment object territories within Rēzekne Special Economic Zone (SEZ). In total, 8 investment objects – including two buildings and 6 vacant lots, equipped with engineering infrastructure – are available for long-term lease.