Turnover of the RSEZ commercial enterprises increases; the 2015 is considered a success

  blog/Turnover of the RSEZ commercial enterprises increases; the 2015 is considered a success

Turnover of the RSEZ commercial enterprises increases; the 2015 is considered a success

December 29, 2015

Summing up the preliminary performance indicators of the companies in 2015, it has to be recognized that the commercial enterprises of RSEZ have increased their turnover substantially, and the performance indicators will be better than in the previous year.

In addition, this year has been successful regarding the best business practice evaluation – several RSEZ companies have received the awards and recognitions of both national and regional significance.

One of the biggest RSEZ manufacturing companies – the plywood factory “VEREMS” RSEZ SIA predicts that the growth of turnover will comprise 5 million euro this year, and the total annual turnover will reach 30 million EUR. The company has received the Annual Award 2015 of the Latvian Employers’ Confederation as the best employer in Latgale this year, as well as the Green Excellence Award by the State Environment Service. At the same time, on 4 May, 2015, on the Day of Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia, Janis Staris, the Chairman of the Board of the company, was appointed as the Officer of the Cross of Recognition for his noteworthy contribution to the development of Latvian economy, and to the woodworking industry particularly, and for the promotion of Latvia’s image abroad.

The metalworking company SIA “LEAX Rēzekne” RSEZ this year as wellhas improved the turnover indicators and foresees 12,3 million euro turnover in comparison to the last year’s turnover of 11,13 million euro. In 2015, the company has received the Annual Award of the Latgale Region Entrepreneurs in the category “The biggest employer” acknowledging the growth of the number of workplaces provided by the company and its socially responsible business practices.

Moreover, the performance indicators of “LEAX Rēzekne” have positively influenced the overall rating of the RSEZ in the survey on the world’s most perspective economic zones conducted by the edition of the popular British newspaper “Financial Times” – “fDi Magazine”. In this survey, the RSEZ has gained recognition in two categories – the infrastructure development, and the reinvestments. The free/special economic zones from all over the world were invited to take part in the study “Global Free Zones of the Year Awards 2015” by filling the questionnaire on the attractiveness of the area, opportunities, and offers for the investors. In the category of the reinvestments, RSEZ has gained the recognition, taking into consideration the reinvestments by the commercial enterprises, especially the reinvestment by the metalworking company “LEAX Rēzekne” expanding the 1000 square meters of the production area.

The Green Excellence Award by the State Environmental Service was awarded to another RSEZ company – the grain elevator “Rēzeknes Dzirnavnieks”. This company as well considers the 2015 as a successful, since the turnover of the company is expected to increase from 3,2 million euro in 2014 up to 4 million euro this year.

Currently the status of RSEZ commercial enterprise is granted to 18 companies. The most important sectors are woodworking, metalworking, manufacturing of equipment and tools, storage, and warehousing. Total turnover of the RSEZ commercial enterprises was 64,73 million euro in 2014; overall more than 760 workers are employed in RSEZ enterprises.