“LEAX Rēzekne” and “VEREMS” receives awards in competition “Company of Rezekne Municipality 2015”

  blog/“LEAX Rēzekne” and “VEREMS” receives awards in competition “Company of Rezekne Municipality 2015”

“LEAX Rēzekne” and “VEREMS” receives awards in competition “Company of Rezekne Municipality 2015”

March 21, 2016

Metal processing company “LEAX Rēzekne” and wood processing factory “VEREMS” had received awards in competition “Company of Rezekne Municipality 2015”. For the fourth year awards are traditionally granted on March 19 with an aim to evaluate the accomplishments and achievements of businesses in the previous year.

“LEAX Rēzekne” and its CEO Mr Gints Jačuks alongside two other companies from Rezekne Municipality had received an award in nomination “Company of the Year 2015”. In this nomination evaluation had taken place among companies, which within the previous year had received recognition of their business outside the territory of the Rezekne Municipality, had conducted modernization of their business in accordance with the current technological and environmental requirements, had improved the working condition for their employees and created new work places as well as had actively participated in the social life and creation of the image of the region. Two other awards had been granted to Agricultural Household “Žukovi” from Audriņi parish and Agricultural Household “Pujati” from Nautrēni parish.

Wood processing company “VEREMS” RSEZ Ltd. had received an award in nomination “Employer of the Year”. In this nomination the candidates were evaluated in accordance with the data provided by State Revenue Service of Latvia. The winner in this nomination within the last year had employed the largest number of employees or had created the largest number of new work places and had made the largest employer’s social tax contributions. Award during the ceremony had been received by the Member of the Board of “VEREMS” RSEZ Ltd. Mrs Zinaīda Lovnika.

The competition “Company of Rezekne Municipality” is one of the business support activities performed by the Rezekne Municipality with an aim to foster the development of business environment, employment, attractiveness of the territory and the activity of the public. This year the competition has had 26 participating companies. Evaluation Committee in Autumn and Winter of 2015 had visited all of the companies with an aim to introduce themselves to their business activities, evaluating the quality of the product or service provided, the production territory and investment attraction, creation of new work places and other criteria.

More information available on the official web page of the Rezekne Municipality: http://rezeknesnovads.lv/pasniegtas-balvas-rezeknes-novada-uznemums-2015/.
Photo: Andrejs Vasjukevičs (The Embassy of Latgale “GORS”)