Rēzekne special economic zone - the best place for you business!

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Rēzekne special economic zone - the best place for you business!

March 30, 2023

The Rezekne special economic zone is a strategically advantegous intersection of transport corridors and an area that has been operating for 25 years with the aim to promote trade, develop industry and traffic, as well as the export and import of goods through Latvia, by attracting investments for the development of production, infrastructure and creating new workplaces.

The area of the Rezekne special economic zone covers the city of Rezekne and a part of Rezekne municipality, provided with organized and modern technical infrastructure, access roads, a network of communications, several European Union Structural Fund projects, and historical Latgalian traditions. The location at the hub of the international transport corridors (road and railway lines crossing Rezekne State City) facilitates logistics to ports and provides access to 500 million potential consumers all over the EU countries.

Rezekne special economic zone (Rezekne SEZ) is the largest industrial area in Eastern Latvia, which offers to carry out business under preferential state aid conditions provided by the Latvian Government. Rezekne SEZ uses its long-term experience, beneficial tax incentives, competitive operating costs and availability of resources to ambitiously aspire to become the main propulsion force of the dynamic growth of East Latvia. By close cooperation with local authorities, national and international partners, Rezekne SEZ has raised a generation of visionary people and has become a place that develops over time, providing additional advantages to existing and potential customers such as:


Tax reliefs:

- an 80% tax relief on corporate income tax when paying dividends;

- a 100% tax relief on the real estate tax,

which provides up to 60% return on investment costs made.

Companies operating in the territory of Rezekne special economic zone, by investing and creating workplaces, receive tax incentives for real estate and corporate income tax, which gives more opportunities to invest again and again, receiving up to 60% of their investments in the form of direct tax incentives.

Accessible, ready-made infrastructure:

A business-friendly and accessible environment within the area of Rezekne special economic zone is provided by both Rezekne state city and the municipality of the Rezekne region, offering already built, constructed, ready, accessible infrastructure projects, land plots and premises equipped with the necessary communication networks, allowing to start commercial activities immediately.

Existing Rēzekne SEZ entrepreneurs are also engaged in adapting premises for production needs, offering adapted premises in various degrees of readiness: from office premises suitable for light industry to industrial areas with the required ceiling height, easy access, available lifts, etc.

One of the main challenges of the Rezekne SEZ is to create pre-conditions for the business growth, thereby saving the most expensive and valuable asset we have – time. That is why Rezekne SEZ management works closely with municipalities and existing businesses, creating all the preconditions for a convenient start-ups of business in the area of Rezekne's special economic zone.

Attractive environment:

The municipality of Rezekne state city and and Rezekne county have long been known for their Latgalic and historical identity, which is growing and developing economically every day, becoming more modern and accessible to everyone who wants to live here and develop business. It is a high - quality, modern and attractive environment for work. It could be said that Rezekne's city and municipality is a “short-distance area” which offers both the activities of all public institutions and educational establishments, their branches, entertainment and leisure facilities, an attractive environment for families, children and young specialists, with an active involvement also in the expansion of the residential fund.


The operation and management administration of Rezekne's special economic zone is organized by the Rezekne SEZ Authority, which is focused on an effective management: efficient, customer-oriented management, as well as consultations for commercial companies that carry out or plan to carry out commercial activities in the territory of Rezekne SEZ. The presence and assistance of Rezeknes SEZ Authority specialists in daily processes, state and local authority support with investment projects, consultations on finding the most suitable real estate for commercial activities, as well as reduction of the bureaucratic burden, organization of thematic events and creation the identity of the Rezekne SEZ community are only part of the services provided by Rezekne SEZ.

Skilled workforce:

There are 10 pre-school education institutions and 10 high-level general education schools, Rezekne Academy of Technology, Rezekne Technical School, as well as several higher education branches assessed in Latvia, such as Rezekne University's P.Stradinu College of Medicine branch and others, which currently operate in the territory of Rezekne.

At the moment, there are 980 students at Rezekne Technical School, 122 of whom study programs such as mechatronics, engineering, and electronics, 1,500 students studying at Rezekne Academy of Technology, 375 of whom undertake mechatronics, engineering, and laser technology.

Thinking about the potentially employed and available workforce – Rezekne State City and county are the right place to hire specialists. For example, there are currently 29 open vacancies in engineering and 119 specialists applying for them, in metal processing: 2 vacancies and 89 job seekers with appropriate education and qualifications, in the IT sector: 9 vacancies and 20 potential employees, forestry industry: 12 vacancies and 71 potential employees. The availability of specialists in the region means that as a result of a potential business start-up, the Rezekne SEZ can offer not only ready-made infrastructure, but also the opportunity to hire qualified specialists.

At the moment, 21 commercial companies are registered in Rēzekne SEZ. Their turnover in 2021 reached 121,497,206 euros, the number of employees - 1323.

Often, the potential of regions is an undervalued added value: time savings, infrastructure availability, support provided by local government and state institution specialists, on-site training of potential workers and specialists, recreation and entertainment opportunities, accessible environment and the possibility to recover up to 60% from investments in the form of tax incesntivs. The territory of the Rezekne special economic zone is the best place not only for your investments, but also a place to live, work and relax!