Rezekne SEZ strengthens international recognition

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Rezekne SEZ strengthens international recognition

October 13, 2021

One of the strategic objectives of Rezekne Special Economic Zone (Rezekne SEZ) is to promote the visibility of Rezekne SEZ at national and international level. During the Covid-19 pandemic, most international events and meetings take place online, which offers more opportunities for presentation and “networking” with potential partners.

From 2017, Rezekne SEZ is a member of the World Free Zones Organization (World FZO). The organization unites the interests of more than 700 free and special economic zones around world. This membership the build new contacts with representatives of other economic zones and exchange good practices.

One of the cooperation partners of Rēzekne SEZ - Barcelona Free Trade Zone (Consorci de la Zona Franca Barcelona), from October 5 to 8 organized the event- Barcelona New Economy Week. As part of the event, Krista Freiberga, Chief Executive Officer of Rēzekne SEZ, together with Zoë Harries, Project Manager of the World Free Zone Organization, and Krysta Fox, Director and Partner of the EZDA Alliance, participated in the panel discussion “Commercial Strategies for Special Economic Zones”, sharing their thoughts and experience how to promote and commercialize economic zones.

As Krista Freiberga explains: “It was a real pleasure to participate and meet with professionals of the industry, if not in person, then at least remotely. Covid time is a time of change and challenges for everyone, but it also opens unseen and undiscovered opportunities. The main topics of the panel discussion were “digitisation” and “sustainability”, which highlight the main activities and tasks of Rezekne SEZ at present: continuing cooperation with existing companies, adapting to their needs, digitalising services, and addressing potential investors not only at national but also at international level. "

On 6th October as part of the Barcelona New Economy Week, winners of “Economic Zone Sustainable Recovery Strategies Awards 2021” were recognised in an online ceremony. The awards were organised by “Investment Monitor” platform of leading business journalists and foreign direct investment experts. Rezekne SEZ is recognised as the runner-up in the “Aftercare Support” category. Rezekne SEZ has also received an honourable mention in the category “Red tape reduction”.

In addition, Rezekne SEZ has received two editor’s choice awards for business promotion and inter-institutional cooperation. These awards have been awarded at the discretion of the editors to recognise other significant initiatives and achievements outside the fixed categories

This year Investment Monitor “Economic Zone Sustainable Recovery Strategies Awards 2021” were handed out in seven major categories: digitisation, aftercare support, Covid relief packages, local impact, red tape reduction, new investment, and sustainability and ESG.

“Everyone is pleased, if their work is recognized as important and tended in the “right direction.” The main priority of Rezekne SEZ Authority is individual approaches to each potential and existing investor, providing assistance in legal, financial, investment-related issues, based on long-term strategic objectives such as, firstly, the development of infrastructure in Rezekne SEZ to encourage business and attract investment. Secondly, the promotion of Rezekne SEZ to promote its visibility at national and international level and, thirdly, effective management of Rezekne SEZ with a view to targeting customers and their targets. The strategy implemented by the Rezekne SEZ Authority is ambitiously trying to gain the status of the most competent advisor in the region, providing support and advice to new and existing companies, so the Rezekne SEZ Authority is even more delighted that its work is also appreciated internationally! ”- says Krista Freiberga.