The new CEO of Rezekne Special Economic Zone Authority

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The new CEO of Rezekne Special Economic Zone Authority

June 15, 2021

The competition for the selection of the Chief Executive Officer of the joint municipal institution “Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Authority” (hereinafter - Rēzekne SEZ) is concluded, and on June 4, the Supervisory Board of Rēzekne SEZ Authority decided to appoint Krista Freiberga as the Chief Executive Officer of Rēzekne SEZ.

Krista Freiberga was born and raised in Rēzekne. After graduating from Rēzekne State Gymnasium, Krista Freiberga received a bachelor's degree in 2016 at the Riga Graduate School of Law, graduating the program "Law and Business". In 2018, she received two master's degrees, graduating from the School of Business, Arts and Technology "RISEBA" in the program "Personnel Management", obtaining the qualification of personnel manager, and Rezekne Academy of Technology in the program "Science of Law", obtaining the qualification of a lawyer. Until now, Krista Freiberga has worked both in private business and commercial activities, as well as in the municipality. Previous work experience is related to the field of trade, personnel management, the position of a board member in the private business sector, and work as a project manager in the Rezekne City Council.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rēzekne SEZ Aleksejs Stecs about the selected candidate: “Successful operation of Rēzekne SEZ is an important factor for the development of the whole Latgale region, therefore the most responsibility lies on the shoulders of the CEO. Krista Freiberga is already familiar with the specifics of Rēzekne SEZ, implementing projects related to business support and working as a coordinator in marketing activities implementation project with Rēzekne SEZ in cooperation with Foreign Direct Investment (England) experts. We expect that the experience gained so far will serve as a basis for work in the new position. ”

Commenting on her motivation to take up the role of Rezekne SEZ CEO, Krista Freiberga explains: “The Joint Municipal Institution “Rezekne Special Economic Zone Authority” is an organisation in which I see opportunities for professional growth, and I am convinced that the knowledge, practice and purposefulness of the past will allow me, as a professional, to develop and give my contribution in the activities of the institution. Regarding the future plans, I believe that the main long-term priorities for the operations of Rezekne SEZ are: developed infrastructure in industrial areas, effective management and a recognizable image of Rezekne SEZ at national and international level. "

The Competition Evaluation Commission was chaired by Aleksejs Stecs, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rezekne SEZ, and composed of: Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board Elvira Pizane, member of the Supervisory Board Stanislavs Skesters and member of the Supervisory Board Ilvija Pastare. Also the Chairman of Rezekne City Council Aleksandrs Bartasevics and the Chairman of Rezekne municipality, Monvids Svarcs, participated in the commission without voting rights.

The Rezekne SEZ Authority is a joint municipal authority under the supervision of Rezekne City Council and Rezekne Municipality, whose establishment aims to effective management of Rezekne Special Economic Zone by increasing trade, developing production and traffic, as well as the export and import of goods through Latvia, by attracting investments for the development of production and infrastructure, as well as the creation of new jobs, contributing to the development of Rezekne City, Rezekne Municipality and the entire Latgale region.