Rezekne SEZ - an opportunity for companies

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Rezekne SEZ - an opportunity for companies

March 22, 2021

Rezekne SEZ administration kindly advises on each individual issue related to the operation of an existing or planned commercial company in the territory of Rezekne SEZ.

Here we will briefly list the main benefits of investing in Rezekne SEZ, but you can find out more about each issue by contacting us to

Rezekne SEZ is located in a strategically important location with direct access to international markets and at the crossroads of important transport corridors.

  • Significant tax breaks and support instruments apply to enterprises.
  • Responsible and professional labour force in a region with long-standing industrial traditions and access to high-quality higher and vocational education.
  • State and municipality support in the implementation of investment projects, consultations on selection of real estate appropriate for entrepreneurship.
  • Attractive environment for work and leisure in Rezekne and Rezekne region.
  • Entrepreneurship support fund is available for various support programs.

In order to support merchants, the RSEZ administration annually announces a tender for funding in the following categories:

  • Training of employees of Rezekne SEZ commercial companies
  • Rezekne SEZ territory arrangement
  • Implementation of Rezekne SEZ commercial company projects

Conditions for receiving support:

  • new jobs created
  • modern (environmentally friendly) technologies introduced
  • increased export volume

This is another opportunity for companies to improve their current financial situation and stabilize in the global business market.