Land improvement works at Komunāla Street 13 and 11C

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Land improvement works at Komunāla Street 13 and 11C

November 27, 2019

The Rēzekne SEZ Authority has started the land improvement works in the investment object at Komunālā Street 13 and 11C, transforming it into a business-friendly and sustainable territory.

Komunālā Street 13 and 11 C is a 6.78 hectare large land plot available for production. Rēzekne SEZ Authority will carry out relief organization and leveling works, demolishing of existing buildings and tree felling, in order to enable investors to use this land plot for the construction of new production buildings. The works are financed from the Rēzekne SEZ Commercial Support Fund.

Rēzekne SEZ Authority has developed a territory revitalization concept for the object at Komunālā iela 13 and 11C within the framework of the Latvian-Lithuanian cross-border project “TRANS-FORM”. The concept reflects the possible use and functionality of the land plot for its improvement and business promotion. According the concept it is possible to locate two factories with driveways, service areas, as well as the necessary engineering communications in this land plot.

In addition, Rēzekne City Council and Rēzekne Municipality have implemented a number of significant projects in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ with the support of EU structural funds to make it more attractive to potential investors. Rēzekne City Council has implemented the project of reconstruction of the road at Komunālā Street at 658 m from Viļakas Street and 532 m from Atbrīvošanas aleja to the railroad crossing, as well as construction of water supply and sewerage networks in these sections of the street in 2018.

At the moment there are several investment objects available in Rēzekne SEZ territory for potential investors. Detailed information about these objects is available on the website: 

By developing business and making investments in the area of Rēzekne Special Economic Zone, investors have the opportunity to acquire land plots in ownership and receive the incentives available to commercial companies. Rēzekne SEZ companies can return of up to 55% of the total investment cost by receiving 80-100% discount on real estate tax, as well as 80% discount on corporate income tax applicable to dividends. Information on support for commercial companies is available on Rēzekne SEZ homepage: