Support for investments in the Rēzekne Special Economic Zone

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Support for investments in the Rēzekne Special Economic Zone

October 08, 2018

One of the main development goals of the Rēzekne Special Economic Zone authority is to ensure attraction of investments and creation of new jobs in Rēzekne and Rēzekne Municipality, therefore large infrastructure projects are being implemented for business development, as well as investors are invited to form their companies in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ. Potential investors now have a plot of land for development at Komunāla street, Rēzekne (total area 8.63 ha) with access to the road and engineering communications. The status of Rēzeknes Special Economic Zone and tax incentives significantly contribute to the attraction of investors. More about special economic zones and tax incentives - here.

During the period from 2016 to 2020, Rēzekne City Council and Rēzekne Municipality Council, with the support of the EU Structural Funds, are implementing several large-scale infrastructure development projects in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ that open up opportunities for further business development and investment attraction. Reconstruction of roads and engineering communications as well as revitalization of degraded industrial territories is ensured within the framework of the projects.

This year in September, the first and second stages of the reconstruction of the Komunāla Street were completed. The project is being implemented in the framework of the project "Support to the development of commercial activities by restoring the public infrastructure necessary for industrial needs. Rounds I and II". As a result of the project, it is planned to improve the infrastructure for 6 merchants, as well as to promote the creation of 25 new jobs and to attract investment of 1 785 360 Euros.

Consequently, a land plot is currently available to potential investors for long-term lease at Komunāla street, Rēzekne (total area of 8.63 ha) with access to the road and engineering communications (connection to water pipe, domestic sewerage, gas pipeline, etc.). This land plot is located in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ, is owned by Rēzekne City Council and is transferred to Rēzekne SEZ Authority. By developing a business and investing in projects in this area, investors have the opportunity to acquire ownership of this land plot and receive the incentives available to companies within Rēzekne SEZ. Rēzekne SEZ companies have tax incentives of up to 55% of the total investment cost, including 80-100% discount on real estate tax, as well as 80% discount on corporate income tax applicable to dividends.

There are 8 investment objects available for long-term lease in Rēzekne SEZ territory. Including six unpublished areas in Maskavas, Noliktavu, Komunāla, Zilupes streets and Atbrīvošanas aleja. More information about investment objects, their location, area, engineering infrastructure, and rental conditions are available on the Rēzekne SEZ home page:

Detailed information about the plot on Komunāla Street - here.