SEB bank client centre with 24 new work places opened

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SEB bank client centre with 24 new work places opened

February 21, 2018

On February 14, 2018 in solemn event SEB bank client centre was opened in Rēzekne. From now on the centre will provide services to SEB bank clients from whole Latvia. Currently seven persons are working in the centre and the number of employees in the nearest future will be increased to 24.

With transfer to non-contact communication with clients in banking sector, the role and number of call centres and distant service centres continues to increase in Latvia. SEB client centre in Rēzekne will provide clients distant phone and written consultations 24 hours per day, answering the questions about bank services. 

SEB bank in Latvia currently has three such centres - in Riga with 60 employees, in Rēzekne with planned number employees 24 and experimental centre in Alūksne. Currently 7 employees have started work in Rēzekne and seven will start it shortly after, while until the end of the year the competition for the rest of work places will be announced.

Rēzekne SEZ Authority highly value the opening of the centre in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ and the creation of new work places. Positive fact also is that among employees of the centre there are many students of Rēzekne Academy of Technologies. The newly opened centre is one of the examples of distant provision of services with assistance of new technologies that in the future could provide valuable input for the development of the region.