Rēzeknes SEZ enterprises have significantly increased their turnover in 2016

  blog/Rēzeknes SEZ enterprises have significantly increased their turnover in 2016

Rēzeknes SEZ enterprises have significantly increased their turnover in 2016

May 23, 2017

Rēzekne SEZ enterprises in 2016 have increased their turnover by 20.5%, reaching 85 million euro, which is the highest turnover since the establishment of Rēzekne SEZ. More than 75% of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises had concluded 2016 with profit and altogether Rēzekne SEZ enterprises had employed 845 employees.

More than 75% of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises had increased their turnover in 2016, totally increasing it to 85 million euro or by 20.5% in comparison to 2015. The largest turnover has been in enterprises “VEREMS” RSEZ SIA – 32 million euro, “NewFuels” RSEZ SIA – 21 million euro and SIA “LEAX Rēzekne” RSEZ – 14 million euro. In turn the enterprises of Rēzekne SEZ with the most rapid increase of turnover in 2016 have been SIA “Irbis Technology” - 307% and “Energy Recourses CHP” RSEZ SIA - 215 %.

Within the last 5 years Rēzekne SEZ enterprises had altogether had invested 53 million euro in development of infrastructure and technologies. The largest long-term investments in this period have been made in enterprises “VEREMS” RSEZ SIA (13.9 million euro) and “NewFuels” RSEZ SIA (13.1 million euro). The largest investments in 2016 in amount of 3.46 million euro had been made in pellet plant “NewFuels” RSEZ SIA. Altogether 25.4 million euro had been invested in the development of the enterprise and currently it is the largest pellet producer in the Baltic States in one plant. In turn enterprise “Rēzeknes Dzirnavnieks” RSEZ AS in order to increase of the quality of the services of grain elevator and capacity of grain storage has made long-term investments in amount of 1.37 million euro. The total sum of accumulated investments in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ currently is 140 million euro. Indicator of overall favourable investment environment also is the fact that in 2017 several Rēzekne SEZ enterprises plan to launch new investment projects.

Positive indicator of the growth of Rēzekne SEZ also is the raising number of workplaces, which in the last years had increased by 132 workplaces or 19%. In 2016 Rēzekne SEZ enterprises totally employed 845 employees. Last year Rēzekne Municipality enterprises “VEREMS” RSEZ SIA (333 employees) and SIA “LEAX Rēzekne” RSEZ (152), as well as Rēzekne City enterprises RSEZ “MAGISTR-FISKEVEGN GROUP.MFG” SIA (85) and “NewFuels” RSEZ SIA (59) had been the largest employers amongst the enterprises of special economic zone. The largest increase of workplaces in 2016 has been in the enterprise SIA “LEAX Rēzekne” RSEZ –13 new workplaces created.

In 2016 the status of Rēzekne SEZ enterprise had been granted to producer of steel constructions RSEZ SIA “LATSTAB”. Enterprise employees 36 workers and in 2014 has also become the laurate of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia competition “Export and innovation Award”. Last year RSEZ SIA “LATSTAB” in total has exported production in amount of 0.8 million euro or 90% of the total production, among that 77% had been exported to European Union countries.

Certainly accessible and qualitative entrepreneurship infrastructure is very important factor for successful investment attraction. Therefore vary important are the intentions of Rēzekne Municipality and Rēzekne City for the implementation of the projects of EU structural funds for the development of public infrastructure in the territory of Rēzeknes SEZ, investing more than 20 million euro until 2019.