Turnover of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises in 2016 has been the highest in the history of Rēzekne SEZ

  blog/Turnover of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises in 2016 has been the highest in the history of Rēzekne SEZ

Turnover of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises in 2016 has been the highest in the history of Rēzekne SEZ

January 20, 2017

Rēzekne Special Economic Zone, successfully functioning for several years, offers local entrepreneurs and potential investors working in the territory of Rēzekne SEZ an opportunity to receive substantial support for conduct of business. In conclusion of 2016, Rēzekne SEZ Chief Executive Officer Sandra Ežmale reveals, what were the main achievements of Rēzekne SEZ in 2016 and what Rēzekne SEZ authority awaits from 2017.

In 2016 foreign direct investment flows in Latvia and in all Baltic states had been three times smaller than in pre-crisis. How do You evaluate FDI flow in Rēzekne SEZ in the previous year?

– In the last years investment attraction in Latvia and in Europe has been hindered by political instability and slow economic development. In 2016 these factors have also impacted investment attraction in Rēzekne SEZ. It is confirmed by the fact that in 2016 only one enterprise acquired the status of Rēzekne SEZ, meanwhile in the previous years status was in average acquired by two enterprises per year. Still it is important to note that several investment projects that had been started in the previous years were concluded in 2016, therefore overall the year had been successful.

Which had been the most notable events in Rēzekne SEZ in 2016?

– In 2016 the status of Rēzekne SEZ enterprise has been granted to company RSEZ SIA “LATSTAB”, producer of wide spectrum and use towers, masts, steel constructions, lightening columns etc.

Similarly it is important to note, that in 2016 projects of two enterprises – “IRBIS Technology” RSEZ SIA and RSEZ „REDIUS” SIA – had been supported in the open project contest for receiving the support from Rēzekne SEZ Entrepreneurship Support Fund, granting total co-financing in the amount of 11 852, 80 euros.

In the previous year for the fifth time awards were granted to the winners of RSEZ Enterprise Year Award competition – in 2016 these were enterprises “NewFuels” RSEZ SIA, “VEREMS” RSEZ SIA un “Rēzeknes Dzirnavnieks” RSEZ AS.

You mentioned that 2016 was a successful year. What confirms that?

– At the end of 2016 we gathered information on turnover in 9 of 18 Rēzekne SEZ enterprises. Therefore, with full conviction we can say that in the turnover of Rēzekne SEZ enterprises in 2016 has been the highest in the whole time of functioning of Rēzekne SEZ – almost 80 million euros. Moreover in the largest enterprises of Rēzekne SEZ the turnover has increased for more than 10%.

This year Rēzekne SEZ celebrates its' 20th anniversary. What are the future plans of Rēzekne SEZ and what is to be expected from 2017?

– We are staring 2017 with formulation of new vision for the next decade. Altogether Rēzekne SEZ enterprises had invested almost 150 million euros in the development of the territory of Rēzekne SEZ, in the past 10 years around 120 million euros and in the last 5 years – almost 80 million euros. The last 5 years had been very successful in investment attraction, therefore in the future we plan to increase efficiency of our work and improve cooperation with our partners, ensuring as successful investment attraction in the next 10 years.